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Conditions > Scoliosis

When looking at the spine from behind it should be straight up and down. In that position the spine is the strongest and there is little or no degeneration in the spine. A scoliosis occurs when the vertebra of the spine does not sit parallel on top of each other and a 20-degree curvature is created.

Why scoliosis occurs is a not fully understood. Some cases are start in childhood and thought to be a deformity of the spine or sacrum. Many times early stage scoliosis is not caught because the child did not get a proper spinal evaluation. As the child grows older the muscles, ligaments and bones of the spine are deform making the abnormal curves in the spine permanent.

Other theories suggest the cause of scoliosis is caused by genetic defect or a family trait. A disruption or interference of the righting system of the spine is another theory as to why the spine misaligns and curves. Bad falls or trauma to the sacrum or lower lumbar vertebra is known to cause curvatures of the spine.

Some individuals are able to go through life without any pain or complications related to scoliosis of the spine. Other individuals are not so lucky. They suffer from spinal pain and suffer lung and heart conditions due to deformities of the spine and rib cage.

Medicines approach to dealing with scoliosis is to place the individual in brace and hope the progressing curvature stops or regresses. In some cases the brace will stop the progress of the curve and reverse the curve. Often the patient is told to allow the process to progress and when the child stops growing surgery can be performed. Surgery is often recommended to correct the deforming curves of scoliosis. Rods are inserted and one end is attached to a lower vertebra and the other end attached to an upper vertebra. Often these surgeries result a lot of pain and un-wanted complications.

If the scoliosis is identified early chiropractic, can help with correcting or limiting the scoliosis. Chiropractic care has been able to prevent surgery. Individuals with full-blown scoliosis suffering from the condition have gotten relief and been able to regain activities of daily living. It is important to have your child checked early and often by a chiropractor who are trained to identify misalignments of the spine.

Call New Hope Family Chiropractic if you have questions about the identifying and care of scoliosis.

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