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Conditions > Asthma

Some think that asthma is nothing more than someone having trouble breathing or catching their breath after physical activity. Asthma can be deadly as the asthmaticís bronchioles become swollen and go into spasm. Mucus fills the bronchioles and the asthmatics struggle to breath. If the attack continues for an extended period of time, death can result.

Medicine offers no cures for asthma or bronchitis. Asthmatics are offered a number of drugs to relieve symptoms and instructions to avoid physical and emotional situations that can trigger an attack. While these drugs save lives and manage a bad situation they do not cure the cause of the condition.

Chiropractic has had success where medicine has failed. Many asthmatics have been able to get off their inhalers and return to sports activities after receiving regular chiropractic care. Success is more likely to come for the younger the patient. However, you can never discount the power of the body to heal it self when the nervous system is allowed to function without any interference.

The nervous system controls every function of the body. Any interference to the flow of nerve impulses to an organ can alter the function of that organ. When interference is removed from a nerve the organ can function at its optimal level.

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