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30 Years of Back Pain

Testimonials>30 Years of Back Pain

Thirty Years of Back Pain Gone

Hello, my name is Pat. For 25 years I suffered daily with low back pain. It was terrible. I could not lift or carry heavy objects. My low back hurt to walk, stand and to do any activities. My leg was weak and I needed a cane to walk with. I had trouble with my balance and would fall because of the weakness.

I went the route most people go when they have back pain. My M.D. sent me to physical therapy. I was referred to a pain management clinic and tried it for 5 years. They gave me shots that cost me a lot of money. The shots would last for a short period of time and the pain would come back with a vengeances and I did not want shots in my hip the rest of my life. I was then referred to and orthopedic surgeon. MRI and X-Rays were taken and it was revealed I had a pinched nerve caused by a herniated disc in my low back. I thought the surgery was going to be the cure and relief I was hoping for. I got temporary relief from my back pain after the surgery. I was disappointed and depressed. All my hope in high tech medicine failed me. Pain medication, physical therapy, pain clinic, shots, surger all failed. I was in pain 24 hours a day and still walking with a cane. Never did any medical doctor refer me to a Chiropractor.

One day I got an offer in the mail from New Hope Family Chiropractic. I asked my medical doctor about going to a chiropractor. He told me to make sure I got a good one if I was going to go.

I was scared to see a chiropractor but my options had run out and the day I walked into New Hope Family Chiropractic I told them they were my last hope.

Dr. Lincoln performed a very thorough chiropractic exam and a very informative report of findings. He showed and told me what was wrong with my spine and how chiropractic could help. I decided to go with Dr. Lincolnís recommendations and I am glad I did. Each treatment I got better and better. My leg began to get stronger and I got rid of the cane. The pain that greeted me each morning I got out of bed became less and less. The pain no longer ran into my hip and down back of my leg. His adjustments were like magic.

I suffered with IBS for most of my life. Dr. Lincoln told me he could help me with that problem also. He was right. He changed my diet and put me on a supplement program that has completely changed my IBS.

Thanks to Dr. Lincoln (Magic Fingers) I do not know what I would do without him.

Pat Renard

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