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Active Again

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Active Again and Feeling 20 Years Younger

Hi, I am Deanna and I want to tell you why I am feeling so well.

I use to go to a chiropractor that practiced the Gonstead technique of chiropractic until he retired. I did not like the chiropractor that took over for him because she did not adjust like he did. I stopped going for a long time. During that time my low back started to hurt and got worse as time passed by. Then my neck and shoulders started to ache all the time. I thought this pain was just a part of aging and I needed to get use to it. WELL I NOW KNOW THAT IDEA WAS WRONG.

The pain in my low back got so bad that I could not sit or stand for a long period of time. I love to Bowl and have been an avid bowler for over 20 years but I would ach so badly after my games that I was concerned I would not be able to continue enjoying this sport as I got older.

That all changed when I met Dr. Lincoln. He was doing a Spinal Health Screening at the local Fair. I knew I needed to get back under chiropractic care but I was putting it off because I was afraid I could not find a chiropractor I would like. I liked what Dr. Lincoln had to say about chiropractic so I made an appointment with him.

Dr. Lincolnís chiropractic examination was very thorough and he explained what he was looking for. He spent the time necessary to explain the findings of my exam and x-rays.

To my surprise Dr. Lincoln told me he knew my old chiropractor and that he also practiced the Gonstead method of chiropractic.

He began to adjust me and after each visit I started to feel better and better. The pain in my low back went away and that terrible neck pain that ran down into my shoulders began to go away.

Oh yea, my knees. My knees killed me daily. I had trouble walking up the stairs or walking any distance. I would have to sit and rest them anytime I went somewhere that required a lot of walking. I told Dr. Lincoln about my knees and he told me he could help me with that problem.

He started to adjust my knees and sure enough they started to get better each visit.

I no longer have to pull myself up the stairs or sit during long walks. I now walk to the clinic and home to get my exercise. I have lost weight and my bowling score improved. I feel 20 years younger and now you know why. Deanna

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