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Failed Back Surgery

Testimonials>Failed Back Surgery

Failed Back Surgery

In 1991 I hurt my back lifting a box. The pain in my lower back was so severe it limited my ability to work or do most things people take for granted. I started seeing a chiropractor and was making progress, however I also met with a surgeon who advised me to have surgery and not go back to the chiropractor. I took his advice and had a discectomy performed on my L5 disc. I felt much better for about 7 years after the surgery, then as time went on the pain came back.

I was hurting all the time and each year the pain in my low back and hip became increasingly worse. I was now in more pain than before the surgery. Just standing made my hip pain worse. I was limping now and could not walk more than a ľ of a mile or sit longer than a Ĺ hour. Every part of my life was effected one way or another. The pain was now severe. I didnít know what to do. I had back surgery and it failed so I felt I was out of options.

My husband saw an advertisement in the East Providence Reporter that caught his attention. It said ďBack Pain, Hip Pain We Get Results!Ē He urged me to call, so I did. I called New Hope Family Chiropractic located in Riverside RI and scheduled an appointment.

I was surprised at the thoroughness of Dr. Lincolnís consultation and exam. He took the time to understand my situation and explain to me what was causing my problem and how chiropractic could help. I was very hopeful he could help me. The next visit Dr. Lincoln went over with me in great detail my x-rays and his report of findings. It was clear to me what was causing my problem and how chiropractic could possibly help.

Dr. Lincoln gave me my first chiropractic adjustment after his report of findings. I felt better the next day. On my next visit he put me on a treatment plan. Each visit I began to get better and better. I could not believe it and my husband is totally amazed. I can now walk again without a limit and do things I have not been able to do in years. I am so happy not to be in pain. If you are suffering in pain like I was, donít wait. Call and see if chiropractic can help you like it helped me.

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