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Ear Infections

Conditions > Ear Infections

Chronic ear aches; ear infections can make the life of a child and parents miserable. Swollen tonsils, adenoids with a sore throat further make life for these little ones miserable. Sleep is interrupted for the child and parent and now both child and parent relationship is strained leading to a desperate parent seeking medical care for their child.

Usually the first course of treatment is antibiotics with the thought process being it is a bacterial infection. Frequently, antibiotics are prescribed without a culture being done to determine if it is a bacterial or a viral infection. One study has shown that 88% of patients with otitis media never need an antibiotic. Another study showed there was no difference in the recovery time between patients put on an antibiotic and patients receiving no antibiotic. Common side effects of antibiotics are stomachaches, diarrhea that makes your child’s life miserable.

Surgery is the next option suggested for those patients that do not respond to treatments of antibiotics. Removal of the tonsils and adenoids is typical done to relieve symptoms resulting from ear infection. The tonsils and adenoids are part of the lymphatic system who’s job it is to kill bacterial and viral infections. Tubes placed in the ears to help with drainage are another option used by E.N.T doctors. One study done in Europe showed that there was no benefit from the placement of tubes in the ears. There are risks associated with placing tubes in the ear that include infections, scarring and hearing loss.

A misalignment in the spine can interfere with the function of the inner ear and impair the performance of the immune system. Studies have shown the effectiveness of chiropractic care when dealing with chronic ear infections.

If you our child suffers from chronic ear infections, chiropractic care may be a benefit. Call New Hope Family Chiropractic today

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