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Chest Pain & Asthma

Testimonials>Chest Pain & Asthma

Chest Pain, Asthma, Emergency Room Visits/ Not Anymore

Hi, I am Sam and I want you to know something that most people donít know about chiropractic. Chiropractic is just not for bad backs and headaches. You see I have been having real bad chest pains for the past 1 Ĺ or 2 years that were really scary for me. This chest pain would come on out of the blue and it would hurt really badly and my mom would have to take me to the hospital. When we would get there the doctors would do all kinds of tests and find nothing. They could not explain why I was having these chest pains all the time. One

doctor thought it was asthma so he gave me this inhaler and other stuff to use. When I used it, it would give me chest pain. My mom was getting real worried. She would have to pick me up from school a lot because my chest was hurting. If the doctors did not know what to do what were we suppose to do?

My mom told our landlord what had been happening to me. She recommended we go to her chiropractor. Mom did not like that idea because she was not too happy about chiropractors. My landlord told her how she was having chest pain and how her chiropractor helped her.

Mom was desperate so she decided to take a chance and scheduled an appointment.

Dr. Lincoln performed a thorough chiropractic exam. He asked me if I could remember experiencing a bad fall or a bad hit while playing football. I had forgotten that bad hit I took in the mid back a year ago playing football. That hit knocked my breath out and hurt my chest for a little while and I forgot about it after. I never told my mom that my low back would hurt a lot at times and that I would have neck pain and head aches. I thought it was normal pain and soreness from all the falls I took skate boarding.

Dr. Lincoln explained how the nervous system controls all functions of the body and how pressure on a spinal nerve caused by a misalignment of a spinal bone could cause all kinds of problems.

He explained every thing in simple terms for my mom and I so that we could make a decision on whether we should try chiropractic care. My mom was willing to try anything. Dr. Lincoln was the only doctor that told us what could be causing the problem.

Dr. Lincoln put me on a prescribed care plan. After a month of care I was getting less chest pain and the pain was occurring less frequently. After my second month I was not experiencing any chest pain. The low back pain and headaches were also gone. Three months have gone by now and I still donít have any chest pain.

My mom and I are glad we came to Dr. Lincoln because I can play sports and not worry about my chest hurting again.

Sam Willson

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