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Fatique, Depression, Headaches, Pain
Are Gone

Hi, my name is Laura. I want to tell you my story because I want you to know that there is hope for people like me that are going through what I suffered through.

For six years I suffered almost every day with headaches. There were days that it took me all morning to get out of bed. I seemed to be tired all the time and just lacked the energy needed to do the simple things of life like cleaning the house and caring for my family.

Depression set in and I could not enjoy life because of the headaches and just being tired all the time.

I remember a year ago trying to sit through my sonís wrestling meet. The pain in my back and hips made it impossible for me to sit and watch his wrestling match without having to get up and walk around.

Thank God things are different today. In October of 2007 I was having a terrible migraine so I called my chiropractor for an appointment, but he was away for the week. I was feeling desperate when I remembered an ad in the Christian Business directory for a local chiropractor so I called. Dr. Lincoln took me in that day.

He did a thorough chiropractic exam. I was surprised when he told me that he wanted to take an x-ray of my spine. He explained to me how my condition could be related to my spine and nervous system. After he did a complete analysis of my case history and x-rays he gave me my first adjustment.

Dr. Lincoln explained to me that the condition I had had been going on for years and it would take time and proper treatment to resolve the cause of my condition. For some reason, I knew that this is where I needed to be if I was ever going to get my health back again.

Gradually I began to feel better. My migraines were less intense and began to happen less often. Some days I felt well enough to clean the house.

Dr. Lincoln took my care a step further and gave me a symptom survey to fill out and asked to write down every day what I eat. I thought I had a very good diet and ate well but to my surprise I was wrong and soon began to change what I was eating.

Dr. Lincoln reviewed the results of my symptom survey and my diet. He put me on a course of whole food supplements that are designed to address nutrients lacking in my diet. He changed what I ate and when I ate.

Today I seldom have a headache. My energy is coming back and I have started working part time. My depression has lifted and the pain that once tormented my body is also gone. I have my whole family under chiropractic care now. I donít want them to go through what I did because I now know how important it is to have a healthy functioning spine and nervous system.

Laura Campbell

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