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Heart Burn

Testimonials>Heart Burn

Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches
Leg Cramps, Heart Burn
All Gone

Hello, my name is Linda. For tens years I have been seeing a chiropractor for low back pain, neck pain and headaches. Recently he purchased this new machine called a Pro-Adjuster, to adjust his patients. This new adjusting machine was making my conditions worse.

In early September of 07 Denise asked why I was walking with so much pain. Denise stated, “You should see a chiropractor”. I told her I had a chiropractor, but I was getting worse. She convinced me I should see Dr. Rodger.

I’m glad I took her advice. My health had deteriorated to the point where my legs were always cramping up on me and keeping me up at night. I would get an upset stomach after every meal. My body hurt all over and I was tired all the time.

Dr. Rodger performed a thorough chiropractic exam and took the time to explain to me the cause of my condition. He explained to me that I had been this way for a long time and that it would take time for my body to heal itself. He gave me hope again.

Dr. Rodger put me on a regular schedule of care and shortly afterwards my leg cramps and low back pain started to go away.

I also informed Dr. Lincoln that I was on various medications for certain conditions. I don’t like taking medication and would like to get off of them altogether. He gave me a symptom survey and asked my to write down what I ate every day. He sat down with me and reviewed the results of my symptom survey and my diet.

I was surprised at how much my diet played a roll in my health. Dr. Rodger gave me whole food supplements to aid in my digestion and to provide for the nutrients that were lacking in my diet.

Today the heartburn that so often upset me after each meal is gone and so is the medication my medical doctor prescribed for me.

The pain in my lower back and hips is much better and seldom a problem anymore. The leg cramps that affected my sleep and walking are gone and I no longer have the need for pain pills as I once did.

I am so glad Denise took the time to ask me why I was in so much pain that day. I feel so much better today and I am always recommending friends I know to see Dr. Rodger for spinal care.

Linda Smith

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