Can You Help Me With My Shoulder Pain??

I walked into my exam room and sat down to do a consultation with a prospective patient.   He told he had a shoulder problem a long time and the medication wasn’t helping anymore and he heard chiropractic could help with his shoulder.

He began to tell me “I have been getting a lot of pain around the back of my shoulder.  I can not sleep on it at night because it hurts too much.  It hurts to raise my arm above my shoulder and it is tending toward getting worse as I get older.  I am getting pain when I turn my head to the right or look up.”  He wanted to know how it was related to his spine and how chiropractic could help him.

I explained to him that every part of the body is controlled by the nerves that travel from the brain through the spinal column to every organ and muscle of the body.  Any pressure or irritation to the nerve is going to cause dysfunction or pain.  The nerves from the neck and upper back control the shoulder girdle, arms and hands.  If there is pain going on in the neck or upper back there is a good chance the shoulders and arms are going to be affected. 

This is usually a neck or upper back related condition.  I have seen patients with this condition many times and always have good success with these patients.  There is the occasional patient that will have a torn rotator cuff that is caught during orthopedic checks.  These patients I will refer to an orthopedic doctor for further evaluation to determine if the tear is bad enough that surgery is required.   If you are having a shoulder condition and need help or an evaluation, call my office or click on the link to schedule an appointment.

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