Nutrition: If you want to feel better, live healthier and longer it is critical that you eat a wholesome diet. Eating a balanced diet is vital for good health and wellbeing. Food provides our bodies with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow, repair and function properly. We need a wide variety of different foods to provide the right amounts of nutrients for good health.

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy life. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease, diabetes and cancer), and promote your overall health. All this sounds simply however it seem so hard to eat healthy or to even know what is healthy to eat anymore.

It is estimated that 60% of most diseases are a result of a poor eating habits. The number one cause of heart disease is a bad diet. The number one cause of type 2 diabetes is a bad diet. The number one cause of knees needing to be replaced is obesity. The number cause of obesity is a bad diet. Numerous cancers and intestinal issues are directly related to diet.

The food industry is very clever. They have figured out what is most addicting to their consumers and added it into their products in one form or another. Sugar, fat

Sugar Fat Slat

and salt is added to most of their manufactured food to enhance the taste and to get you to eat more. Food is profit driven not health drive although they want you to think it is for your health.  The medical establishment focus is on sickness and disease, it is not health and prevention. Their idea of prevention is early detection of disease. There is no money to be made in prevention and cure only in suppression, managing and treating. They use medication to suppress the symptoms of the disease allowing you to continue to do what it is that is causing the problem. The body has a wonderful ability to heal itself when and only when the assault on it is stopped. One of the first places to start is feeding your body the proper diet and nutrition that will give it the chance to heal itself.

One major problem facing Americans is they do not know what is good and what is bad to eat because they have been feed so much miss information by the government and food manufactures. Americans are eating granola bars, bagels and coffee for

Typical Breakfast

breakfast thinking they are eating healthy. We are snookered into thinking that orange juice is a healthy drink for breakfast when it contains as much sugar as soda.  Americans are told to drink their milk because it contains calcium and will build strong bones when the facts are that countries that consume the highest amount of milk have the highest incidents of osteoporosis.

Weight loss companies are constantly running ads and selling their weight loss programs that are full of delicious looking and delicious tasting foods. They have you buying and eating their manufactured foods, counting your calories and rolling over your calories and checking your weight. Truth is most of them have you eating manufacture junk food devoid of content. Because they are constantly selling that food as a healthy diet the American consumer believes eating that junk is healthy and good to eat. Fact is the majority of the people that start those popular weight loss programs will lose weight for a period of time only to put it right back on and more because they have not been how to eat healthy.

Another major problem facing Americans is they are spending billions of dollars every year on supplements and they don’t know what they are buy and if it is what is best for them. The supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA and the contents of the supplements are not checked by a regulating authority. Supplement manufactures will often cut corners for profit sake using less than what they advertise on the bottle or use inferior product to make the supplement. Often state attorney generals will check their products when they have been called into question and find that they misrepresent their products and are fined for their practices. There are good manufactures with very good products that work very well you just have to know who they are.

Weight loss is the most popular diet related issue effecting Americans because it is the most visible obvious problem seen. No one likes to look fat and out of


shape so it is easy to identify it as a problem that needs to be fixed. We are told by our medical doctor to lose weight but not how to lose. The theory is to eat less calories but now you are hungry all the time or you eat salads all the time until you are sick of eating salads. Frustration sets in and now you quite after 2 months of trying and now you are gaining weight again.   When I work with my patients the focus is on eating healthy not on losing weight. Losing weight is just one of the side effects of eating healthy.

If your focus is on weight loss that is fine because you will lose weight naturally with healthy eating. I design a program for my patients after a learning about them and their current eating habits. If a person is addicted to sweets, fats, salt and toxic from the junk foods they are eating then a cleanse and detox program is a must to get them turned around. The program includes coaching in what to eat and how to eat it. Participants in the program will not be hungry and tired of eating the same food every day and most importantly the rebound effect will not be the end result of the program. If you are interested in a new healthy approach, call my office today 401-433-3600.

Stomach and Intestinal Problems: Stomach and intestinal problems are a multibillion health problem today. Antacids and proton pump inhibitors are now the number one over the counter drug sold today. Colonoscopy assembly lines are a multimillion dollar industry.  Colon cancer is now the second leading cause of cancer deaths in America and it is not because of early detection it is because of what Americans are eating. Irritable bowel syndrome, crohn’s disease,

Digestive Issues

diverticulitis, gastroesophageal disease has become as common as the common cold.The medical approach to these problems is to treat the disease with medication or suppressing the immune system but never looking to correct the cause. Prolong usage of these medication have many unwanted side-effects. I have helped many people that have suffered years with these problems return to a normal healthy life. The solution was so simple that they were completely dumb founded as to why they weren’t provided this solution years ago. If you are suffering with a stomach or intestinal condition and not getting better, call my office today 401-433-3600.

Fatigue – Are tired all the time? No energy, can’t get out of bed in the morning, want to sleep after eating? Have you ever considered where your energy comes from? The energy drink and supplement market is booming today

Tired of being Tired

because people are running on empty. These energy drinks and supplements are loaded will caffeine and sugar and other ingredients that trigger the adrenal glands to release adrenaline. Ads are being run during the evening news asking “Men are you tired feeling run down?” and telling you it may be low “T”. Never is there any consideration about diet. Have you ever heard of the carb hangover or food hangover? Americans eat terrible every day and are unknowingly paying for it and looking for solutions that have a temporary fix but in the long run make the condition worst.  I have put my patients though cleanse and detox programs and changed their diets and within a week they are remark about how much energy they a have and how the brain fog has lifted. If you feel like you are running on empty and need a change call my office and ask for a nutritional appointment 401-433-3600 Energy is all about what you eat.

Allergies: Is your nose stuffed up all the time? Do you frequently break out in hives or rashes? Do you have eczema that comes and goes and are not sure why? Did you have allergy test and the test found little or no allergies? If you are eating foods that inflammatory they are going to roll over into your skin and sinuses causing you allergic conditions.

All Types of Allergies

You may be surprised to hear that your liver may be the cause of your problem. One of the major functions of your liver is to break down inflammatory agents (Histamines) in your body and get rid of them. If your liver can’t break down these inflammatory agents in your blood they are going to overflow into your skin and organs causing allergies, hives, rashes eczema and other problems. A great and effective solution for these allergies is a cleanse and detox program followed up by learning how to eat a healthy diet and identifying foods that set off your allergies. If you are tired of taking prescription medications that dry you out and give you unwanted side effects, you must change. If you are ready for change and learning how to get your health back, call my office 401-433-3600


Type 2 Diabetes: Is epidemic in this country. Statistics show that 1/3 of the American population either has diabetes or are pre-diabetic. That is over 90 million people. This is a silent disease that goes on for years with no symptoms.


Teenagers and pre-teens are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Just 20 years ago, that was unheard of. So, what is going on? Diabetes is a serious condition and is not something to take lightly. All diabetics will die of complication related to diabetes if they continue to do what it is that is causing the diabetes. The medical approach to diabetes is to treat and manage the symptoms with medication. Medication allows a diabetic to continue to do what it is that is causing the problem while serious damage is being done to your organs and overall health. Type 2 diabetes can be cured if it is caught before serious damage is done. If you want to change your course and destination call my office 401-433-3600



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