Many neck problems experienced by adults as they get older can caused by the sports they played when they were younger such as hockey, football, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, cheerleading, etc.  When you are young your body is resilient and compensates for those injuries. They appear to subside or even go away only to return when you are older.  The reason for this is when you get hit in the upper back, neck or head and one of the vertebra of your neck gets knocked out of its normal position, the soft tissue (disc, Ligaments, tendons) of the neck will heal and hold that bone in that abnormal position. 

It would be the same as if you broke your forearm and did not have the ulnar bone set, it would heal in that broken position. The abnormal positioning of vertebra in the neck will cause the joint to break down and wear out sooner than it would normally leading to stiffness, soreness, decreased range of motion and other neck problems.  While medical doctors and physical therapists are very good at what they do, but they are not chiropractors.  A chiropractor will look to find that vertebra that has been knocked out of its normal position and work to put it back into its normal alignment allowing that joint to properly heal and function normal again.  Waiting for the pain to go away is not a wise solution and taking medication to cover up the pain is also not a solution. 

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