Hip, Low Back and Sacral Pain Are now a memory

Hello, my name is Tammy and I work for a chiropractor. I want you to know why Dr. Rodger is adjusting me instead of the chiropractor I work for.

I have been having pain in my lower back and in my hips for the past 5 –7 years. I decided 4 years ago to give chiropractic a try. I went to see a chiropractor close to my home. I got a little better sometimes and sometimes felt worse, but never got out of the chronic pain I had to deal with each day.

My chiropractor offered me a job at her clinic answering the phone and taking care of the paper work. She continued to adjust me without a lot of success.

My low back and hip pain were driving me crazy and I needed to have something done about it so I decided to see a doctor of osteopath. He adjusted me this way and that way and I would feel better for a few days and then the pain would come back.

My dad kept telling me I should see Dr. Rodger because he had helped my dad. I was determined at this time that I needed to get something done about this nagging pain in my back and hips.

I scheduled an appointment and boy was I surprised at the difference. Dr. Rodger started me out with a complete chiropractic exam and explained why he did each exam and what he was looking for. He did not adjust me the first visit because he needed to do a complete analysis of my x-rays before he adjusted me.

He took the time to do a complete report of findings with me so that I understood what was causing my problems. The chiropractor I worked for or the doctor of osteopathy never explained to me what was causing my problems and never used x-rays when adjusting me.

Dr.Rodger gave me my first adjustment on my second visit and I could feel the difference immediately. I noticed an instant relief in my low back and hips.

He put me on a schedule of care that I realize is necessary to correct my problem. Since keeping to my schedule I feel terrific. I can sleep without pain and get up in the morning without stiffness and feeling great.

What I want you to know is that not all chiropractors are the same and I am proof that chiropractic works when it is practiced correctly.

Tammy Hammerlinck

Chest Pain, Asthma, Emergency Room Visits/ Not Anymore

Hi, I am Sam and I want you to know something that most people don’t know about chiropractic. Chiropractic is just not for bad backs and headaches. You see I have been having real bad chest pains for the past 1 ½ or 2 years that were really scary for me. This chest pain would come on out of the blue and it would hurt really badly and my mom would have to take me to the hospital. When we would get there the doctors would do all kinds of tests and find nothing. They could not explain why I was having these chest pains all the time. One

doctor thought it was asthma so he gave me this inhaler and other stuff to use. When I used it, it would give me chest pain. My mom was getting really worried. She would have to pick me up from school a lot because my chest was hurting. If the doctors did not know what to do what were we suppose to do?

My mom told our landlord what had been happening to me. She recommended we go to her chiropractor. Mom did not like that idea because she was not too happy about chiropractors. My landlord told her how she was having chest pain and how her chiropractor helped her.

Mom was desperate so she decided to take a chance and scheduled an appointment.

Dr. Lincoln performed a thorough chiropractic exam. He asked me if I could remember experiencing a bad fall or a bad hit while playing football. I had forgotten that bad hit I took in the mid back a year ago playing football. That hit knocked my breath out and hurt my chest for a little while and I forgot about it after. I never told my mom that my low back would hurt a lot at times and that I would have neck pain and headaches. I thought it was normal pain and soreness from all the falls I took skateboarding.

Dr. Lincoln explained how the nervous system controls all functions of the body and how pressure on a spinal nerve caused by a misalignment of a spinal bone could cause all kinds of problems.

He explained everything in simple terms for my mom and me so that we could make a decision on whether we should try chiropractic care. My mom was willing to try anything. Dr. Lincoln was the only doctor that told us what could be causing the problem.

Dr. Lincoln put me on a prescribed care plan. After a month of care, I was getting less chest pain and the pain was occurring less frequently. After my second month, I was not experiencing any chest pain. The low back pain and headaches were also gone. Three months have gone by now and I still don’t have any chest pain.

My mom and I are glad we came to Dr. Lincoln because I can play sports and not worry about my chest hurting again.

Sam Willson

Scoliosis, Back Pain I was told by my medical Doctor " I would have to live with it! "

Hi, my name is My and I have a story to tell you that begins some years ago. The school nurse screened me, like all my classmates for scoliosis, but somehow it was completely missed. Last year I tried out for the high school soccer team. After the third practice, my low back was killing me. After every run, my low back hurt so much that I could not finish the practice. My coach would send me to the trainer to get a rub down to loosen up my back muscles and get electrical stimulation treatment. These treatments were not working for me. I went to the medical doctor to get some relief and to find out why my back was hurting. They took x-rays of my back and they told me I had scoliosis. They told me there was nothing they could do for me or that could be done. I figured I was never going to play soccer again and would have to live with this constant pain in the back. This guy on my soccer team knew what was going on with me before I went to the doctor. He kept on telling me I should go and see his dad and that his dad could help me. I didn’t think his dad could help because the medical doctor told me there was nothing that could be done for me. He kept asking me when I was going to see his dad and that he was sure that he could help me. I figured I had nothing to lose and I wanted to play soccer, so I got my brother to take me.

Dr. Lincoln performed a very thorough exam and spent the time to explain what I had and how chiropractic could help me. He set 3 goals for me. The first was to get me out of pain, the second was to prevent my scoliosis from getting worse and the third was to try to reduce my scoliosis. He told me that I would play soccer again. I was not sure if I believed him but I was willing to try. Because my scoliosis was so bad Dr. Lincoln put me on a very intense treatment plan that included adjustments, stretching, exercises and weight wearing to retrain and strength the muscles of my spine. This all started the first week of November, by Thanksgiving my low back pain was pretty much gone but I was still having mid back and neck pain. November turned into December and January into February. My pain was gone and soccer was going to start the first week of March. The first week of practice I was sore but Dr. Lincoln told that was to be expected and that after 2 weeks I would be doing everything the other kids were doing. He was right. I played the whole season without any pain. I want to thank my friend Rodger for getting me to see his father and my brother for taking me to see Dr. Lincoln.

My Hua

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