My Tailbone Hurts

Are you having pain below the belt line and it hurts when you are sitting or lying down?  Do you sometimes have an aching buttock pain that radiates into the hips or the groin area?  You most likely are experiencing sacral pain, coccyx pain, or S.I. joint pain.  Most people experience lower back pain that is found above or at the belt line but others experience pain below the belt line and lower.  Most doctors are not adept at dealing with that area because it is not associated with the more frequent lumbar disc-related conditions.  There are many causes of sacral pelvic pain, they include slips, falls, pregnancy, delivery, short leg, flat feet, and sitting on uneven surfaces.  Let’s look at the anatomy of the pelvis and how it functions and how the chiropractic profession has successfully treated these conditions with great success over the years.

The pelvis is made up of 4 bones, the two-ilium bones found on either side of the sacrum that we commonly refer to as the hips. The large bone between the ilium called the sacrum and attached to the tailbone is the coccyx that is commonly referred to as the tailbone.  The ilium articulates with the sacrum and the sacrum articulates with the 5th lumbar vertebrae and the 1st coccyx bone.  A bad slip or fall onto your buttock can cause a misalignment of these articulating joints causing chronic pain and inflammation and mimic sciatic pain.  Many times, surgery will be performed on the Lumbar region without any relief of buttock or sciatic symptoms.   

The X-ray below reveals a misaligned right ilium from a traumatic injury.  Also note how the spine is tilting to the right causing a subluxation at L4.  If these misalignments are not corrected the body will fixate and heal into this abnormal position resulting in wear and tear of the misaligned joints and inflammation of the surrounding nerves.  Organs that are supplied by those nerves will suffer and not function at their optimal levels.

No surgery stretching or strengthening of the soft tissue involved in this condition is going to correct the cause of the problem.  I have successfully treated these conditions for years.  If you or someone you know has been suffering from this problem, you can click on this link or call my office to schedule an appointment.   

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