Before becoming a chiropractor, I suffered for years with low back pain and neck pain from both sports and work injuries. I, like most people, went the traditional route of physical therapy, medication and finally surgery. While the surgery helped relieve the sciatica it did not relieve the constant nagging low back pain. I was told by a friend to try chiropractic and it changed my back pain, neck pain and life for the better. After 6 months of regular treatments my back and neck pain was gone. I could stop taking the pain medication and my health improved.

I went on to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. While attending Palmer College I interned with Dr. Larry Troxell and studied the Gonstead Technique of chiropractic. After graduating Palmer College I practiced with Dr. Ronald Diotte who was also taught the Gonstead technique of chiropractic by Dr. Troxell and Dr. Gonstead.
I also have extensive training in nutrition and the proper usage of herbs and supplements to aid in healing the body. If the body is not properly feed and nourished it will not heal and flourish as it should.

2008 I moved back to East Providence and opened my first clinic in Riverside. After 3 years of a successful practice I opened my second clinic in Pawtucket.

It brings me great joy to bring relief and hope back to the many patients I have helped who suffered with neck, back and pelvic conditions.